Andy Haymaker Author

AI Art

Using AI assistance to create art is an ethically complex activity these days. I choose to utilize the technology to create images that I give into the public domain for free with no rights reserved. I understand that some will say I have no rights or ownership of these images to begin with, and we’ll have to agree to disagree about that, at least until the court rulings start to come out. I do recognize that AI generated art impacts contemporary artists trying to make a living. For this reason, I take the stance that today’s text-to-image tools need to be discarded and replaced with opt-in only tools that acknowledge and compensate the human artists who contributed to the AI’s training. 

Many of the starter images on this page were created using prompts that included the name of artist Peter Max, who had a huge influence on my life with his book of paper airplanes and other works. I don’t know if he has a stance on use of his name in AI prompts, but I’ll respect any takedown requests I get from any living artist. See Peter’s work at

Until we get AI image generators built from opt-in training data, I’m going to use today’s tools as one of the billions of people who are now able to express themselves visually in a way they couldn’t before. This ability to express feelings is why I think these tools are a net good to humanity, even in their current state. To see my stance on AI art generation evolve in real time, see my blog posts about the subject at